Ladies And Gentlemen Introducing the Rebooted band!

Jake & Elwood


Frank Brancatisano

Nick Flatman

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Russell Parkhouse

Simon Abbott

Wes Stormer & James Power


Jake and Elwood hail from Australia’s version of Chicago (Sydney), played by Shane Peters (Jake) And Christian Clackson (Elwood). These guys put their heart and soul into every performance.

It’s amazing they find the energy given their strict diet of dry white toast, whole roast chickens…





Lead guitarist Frank Brancatisano (Frankie) is one of Sydney’s finest guitar players. He can shred with the best or sit back and groove. A real talented and dedicated musician.

If you value your life don’t tell him he’s too loud or put him in a corner. No one puts Frankie in a corner.

Frank is also available for Children’s parties and babysitting work…



Nick Flatman is a multi-talented musician, as well as being our super focused and groovy bass player. He can often be seen backstage engrossed in an Agatha Christie Novel.

Special prizes are offered for those that can spot Nick moving anything else apart from his fingers and right foot…





Russell Parkhouse is a living legend of the Sydney music scene. Russell has played with, supported, met or at least heard of every known band in Australia. And has an anecdote or ten he will happily tell you if you chat to him for long enough. Really though Russell is a fabulous keys player with real blues feel which is hard to come by these days.

He also has a sweet tooth and transforms from a sweet guy into a crazed animal if you hide his desert…


Simon Abbott has played in numerous successful bands and toured extensively in Australia and overseas. He’s a master of groove and the heartbeat of the Blues Brothers Rebooted band. Simon has a flatulence problem though and is forced to sit in a separate area to the rest of the band between sets. It’s a shame as he’s a nice bloke otherwise…

You can check out Simon’s personal website here




The Blues Brothers Rebooted Kiss My Brass section features a roving selection of some of Sydney’s most in demand players including regular faces (Wes Stormer) on Sax and (James Power) on trumpet and is a very important part of the Blues Brothers dynamic sound.

Brass players require lots of care and attention and must be oiled regularly with plenty of VB…

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